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核心提示:时间:2019年7月4-6日Date: July 4-6, 2019 地点:中国武汉国际博览中心(汉阳) Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, Chin


Date: July 4-6, 2019


Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, China






Hosted by

China Amusement Design Association (CADA)

Asian Theater & Cinema Association

Asian Association of Entertainment Venue Owners

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group



Organized by

Wuhan Howee Co., Ltd.


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Media Partner

There are some media partners, including www.pjtime.com, www.pdp.com.cn, www.ty360.com, www.projector-window.com, www.ledgb.com, www.jjjlll.com, www.esmchina.com, www.dianzi.biz, cn.made-in-china.com, www.vcg.com, www.av-china.net, International Pro-Audio & Lighting, Audio Engineering, Home Theater, www.yykj.org,www.3gwzzj.zdhsbw.com , www.zhzx.zdhsbw.com, www.91zdh.com, www.zdhsbw.com and so forth.

【CWDSF 2019】about CWDSF 2019


There is slim chance for traditional CRT display to satisfy people’s ever-increasing demand in display effect, along with rapid development of computer multimedia technology. The rising large-screen projector technology has become an effective way to solve the problem of coloured large screen display, while it gets wide application and its market demand is growing. In 2022, the global LED display market size will reach USD9.349 billion, and the composite growth rate is expected to be 12% from 2018 to 2022. Among them, the indoor small-pitch market size is expected to grow to UISD1.997 billion in 2018, with an annual growth rate of 39%, and its compound growth rate will reach 28% in 2018-2022.


湖北地处中部,地理位置优越,近年来经济增长迅速,GDP占据全国第七,特别是武汉已被列为国家中心城市,各行业迅猛发展,对信息媒介需求更加强烈,大屏幕市场需求十分庞大,众多行业(公安、交警、电信、银行、证券、通信、交通、建筑、卫生、机场、军队等以及企事业单位)对终端显示设备的要求朝着大型化、高清晰化方向发展。同时武汉的巨大市场辐射能力,决定着武汉成为大屏幕产品展示、交流、销售和采购的前沿阵地。为推动中部大屏幕行业发展,由中国娱乐设计师协会、亚洲娱乐场所业主联盟协会、亚洲影剧院联盟协会、广东鸿威国际会展集团有限公司联合主办,武汉鸿威国博会展有限公司承办的“2019武汉国际大屏幕展览会”(简称CWDSF 2019)将于2019年7月4-6日在中国武汉国际博览中心举行。本届展会旨在展示与交流大屏幕产品新技术、新产品,为企业和用户之间搭建技术交流和展示的平台,助力企业开拓新兴市场。

In recent years, Hubei has witnessed rapid economic growth and its GDP ranks the seventh in the country. In particular, wuhan has been listed as a national central city with rapid development of various industries and the stronger demand for information media. As a result, the market demand for big screen is enormous. Many industries, including public security, traffic police, telecommunications, banking, securities, communications, transportation, construction, health, airports, military, etc. make higher claims of terminal display devices. In an effort to facilitate the development of big screen in central China, Wuhan International Digital Signage Fair 2019 (CWDSF 2019) will be held during July 4-6, 2019 in Wuhan International Expo Center, with the backings of China Amusement Design Association, Asian Theater & Cinema Association, Asian Association of Entertainment Venue Owners and Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group. BDS2019 aims to build a platform for enterprises and users to exchange and display technology, to power enterprises to tap into emerging markets.

【展品范围】Exhibition Scope


Large-screen system integration: multimedia central control, matrix, switcher and other signal processing systems; conference video system (HD video conferencing collaboration system), security monitoring, etc;


LED screen: LED display, advertising display, supporting components, LED intelligent control system, etc;


Projector: DLP, LCD, LCoS projection products (front projector, rear projector); laser projector, micro projector, 3D projector, LED projector, HD projector, interactive projector, LED+laser technology projector; interactive whiteboard, optical engine, optical lens, imaging device, power supply, etc;


Audio-visual products and system integration: stereo display (3D TV, 3D Internet TV), stereo projection and other stereo display products; panel display (large size LCD and plasma display products and systems); products with touch screen, smart home and home entertainment systems, professional sound reinforcement system; 3D TV industry chain products, 3D classrooms, 3D home theater and other concepts, 4D theater, etc;


Digital signage: digital signage (AV/IT convergence products), information distribution systems, management software, external devices, integration and advertising content, etc;


Others: e-books, electronic sandboxes, large-screen mobile phones, large-screen laptops, netbooks, etc.; large-screen electronic book-turning system, multimedia information publishing system, etc;


New technologies, new products and application solutions: green, environmentally friendly & low-carbon energy-saving new technologies and new products; large-screen system integration application solutions, outdoor advertising application solutions, LED application solutions, projector application solutions, etc.



Professional Visitors

Professional visitors are from government, police station, bank, hotel, subway, airport, supermarket, army, design & consult company, installation company, education, museum, theme park, etc.





Concurrent Event

Wuhan International Conference Industry Expo 2019 (WCE 2019)

The 2nd Wuhan International Light & Audio Fair 2019

The 2nd Wuhan International KTV & Bar Equipment Fair 2019


1、专业Call Center团队,全年呼叫宣传,手机短信SMS推送,微信推送。



4、展会电子快讯(EDM):主办方有十多年的办展经验,拥有庞大的目标买家数据库,定期发送 EDM,让展会动态精准直达10万余名目标客户。

5、利用社交媒体扩大宣传:用互联网思维从移动渠道提升展会曝光度,利用微博、微信、QQ 群等共推展会信息,全面推广合作企业的新产品新技术。


7、推介会:展会前 1-3 个月将在湖北 8+1 城市圈用户组织用户推介会,为展会组织有真正购买需求的买家。

8、 组织专业买家团:与行业权威协会、商会等机构精密合作,在华中地区全面宣传及推广展会,携手合作、共同组织地区专业参观团体。

9、 大众媒体宣传:湖北省电视台、人民日报、湖北日报、楚天都市报、楚天金报、武汉晨报、武汉晚报、长江日报、中国经济报、南方网、大洋网、大楚网、荆楚网、新华社、腾讯、网易、新浪、搜狐、得意生活等。

Global Campaign

1. Experienced Call Center to publicize by various methods such as SMS, Wechat, etc.

2. To cooperate with more than 200 professional media and over 50 mass media to cover an overall report for the event.

3. To email the invitation to more than 100,000 visitors.

4. To send the EDM on regular basis to about 100,000 target client in the data base.

5. To expand publicity by social media or platforms, such as micro blog, QQ, twitter, Facebook, etc.

6. To attend other industry exhibitions and hand out the visit tickets.

7. To hold the promotion meeting three months early.

8. To organize the professional buyer groups by cooperating with industry associations, chambers, societies and other units.

9. To expand publicity by mass media such as Hubei Television Station, People's Daily, Hubei Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Chutian Golden Newspaper, Wuhan Morning Post, Wuhan Evening News, Yangzi River Daily, China Economic News, etc.






Contact Us

Add: B3, Wuhan International Expo Center, No.619 of Parrot Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan City

Tel: 86-027-84611828

Website: http://www.cwdsf.com



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